Starting out with

street casting in Oslo, we have a database with over 20 000 talents, ranging from professional actors to background extras.

We provide talent across the full media Spectrum, although we mainly specialize for film, TV-series and commercials.

Our focus

is to meet our clients’ demands on every level with both a professional and personal service so that we can build strong and longstanding relationships.

Boasting 13 years industry experience we have casted for many films, TV-projects and commercials.


We are passionate

about our work, therefore we strive to constantly evolve and find creative ways to discover new talent.

In 2019, we teamed up with Nina Knag casting in Bergen.

This collaboration secures both casting agencies valuable and extensive knowledge and an even greater talent database, all in which is favorable for our clients.


As casting directors

we recognized the need for AUDITIONSKOLEN, founded in 2019. At this course we help actors to develop and unlock their true potential.

We give them the tools necessary to further their career. From audition preparation to continuous guidance as they embark on their journey.

Our talents may always reach out for our support.


Casting in Oslo

Welcome to Camilla Casting, one of the leading casting agencies located in the vibrant heart of Norway's capital, Oslo. We have developed a reputation for being at the forefront of connecting extraordinary talent with the diverse casting opportunities that Oslo offers, we are committed to excellence and diversity in the casting industry, covering films, commercials, and TV series.


Navigating the entertainment landscape


Camilla Casting is an expert in the field of casting in Oslo, adeptly navigating the city's dynamic entertainment landscape. We specialize in sourcing the perfect leads for groundbreaking film projects and dynamic talents for new TV commercials in Oslo. Our mission is to find the talent that breathes life into creative visions.


A diverse portfolio reflecting Oslo's spirit

Our casting portfolio in Oslo mirrors the city's diversity, showcasing a blend of traditional Scandinavian features and modern international projects. We are committed to inclusivity, actively seeking and promoting talents from various backgrounds, embodying the true spirit of Oslo's cultural milieu through our Auditionskole.


Providing top talents for productions

We offer an impressive roster of talents to producers and directors, ensuring that both local Norwegian productions and high-profile international series find their perfect on-screen talent match.


Beyond the stage and screen


Camilla Casting's role in casting in Oslo extends beyond the stage and screen. We are a valuable resource for advertising agencies and corporate clients seeking talents and voices to represent their brands. Keeping abreast of current and emerging trends, we ensure that commercial casting in Oslo is both innovative and impactful.

The evolving world of casting in Oslo

As the global entertainment industry evolves, so does casting in Oslo. Camilla Casting is dedicated to fostering the growth of our artists, supporting their journey with passion and expertise. For anyone aspiring to make their mark in casting in Oslo, Camilla Casting is the portal to a world of opportunities, a place where talent meets opportunity, and careers are launched and nurtured.




Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ



What does Camilla Casting offer in Oslo?

We offer a comprehensive range of services in casting and auditions in Oslo, including film auditions, TV commercials, and more. Our Auditionskole is a unique resource for emerging talents.


How can I join Camilla Casting's talent pool?

To be considered for casting and auditions in Oslo, we encourage interested talents to register through our website. We look for a wide range of talents to fit our diverse projects.


What types of projects does Camilla Casting work with?

We work with various projects, including film productions, TV series, commercials, and more. Our focus is on quality and diversity in all our projects.


How does Camilla Casting ensure diversity in the casting process?

We are dedicated to inclusivity and actively work to promote talents from all backgrounds. We believe in representing Oslo's cultural diversity through our work.

What our clients say

Very open, friendly, welcoming - and I landed my first commercial through Camilla Casting in Oslo



Safe, caring and inspiring woman who brings out the best in her actors. The audition course, Auditionskolen, is highly recommended!

Tanita Guldbrandsen


Offers an audition course that gives you access to useful information and guidance. The follow-up afterwards is absolutely fantastic. Incredibly nice!!